Client Testimonials

“Amy immediately figures out the things that you need to work on, your strengths and weak points, and carefully crafts each session to help your particular needs. I worked with her for almost four years, and in that time, my body changed in a lot more than just muscle tone and strength. Every session was different and challenging in different ways and she always knew when my body needed a break, and when it needed to be pushed to the limit.”
- Melissa, Graphic Designer, Brooklyn, NY

"I worked with Amy throughout my entire Pregnancy. She is extremely knowledgeable, personable, thorough and creative. She always found new ways to challenge me and would adjust the class accordingly as my pregnancy progressed. I'm extremely grateful to have had Amy guide me through my Pilates practice and prepare me for birth. She is an exceptional Pilates instructor and individual."
-Suzanna, Pilates Instructor & New Mother, Manhattan, NY

"Amy Larson is a phenomenal Pilates teacher! I have had the incredible good fortune of having Amy be my Pilates teacher for the past two and a half years. When I was initially referred to Amy I suffered from chronic lower back pain, knee pain, very low muscle tone, significant balance issues often resulting in falls on the street, and was diagnosed with the beginnings of osteoporosis of the spine. (I am a woman who is post menopausal.)  I can honestly say that due to Amy's expertise in Pilates and movement, and the conscientious effort on her part to work with me, that none of the above ailments I suffered from are the case anymore. In fact, a recent bone density scan confirmed that I no longer have osteoporosis of the spine. My doctor was very impressed that the exercises alone were able to achieve this result, and I am thrilled I do not have to take prescription medication. This is indeed a huge testament to Amy's expertise and dedication.

I can honestly say Amy gives her all to each and every session. She approaches exercise enthusiastically with creativity, passion and expertise. She modifies movements to meet my needs, and understands what may be correct for one person might not be the answer for another.

Amy is completely reliable and dependable, and I can't imagine anyone not being thrilled to have her as their Pilates teacher. I know I have been delighted."
-Margaret, Manhattan, NY

"I worked with Amy for two years in New York and was so sad to see her move because she's consistently been such a strong teacher to me. Amy is all about form and alignment and over time, got me out of my anterior pelvic tilt. She strikes a good balance of repping moves while maintaining enough variety and introducing new exercises to keep our classes stimulating. She pushed me harder and advanced me to an elevated level, while cementing my genuine love of and passion for Pilates.

Beyond this, Amy is quite simply a lovely person. She is good natured, bubbly and chatty (without being distracting). Because of this we formed a true friendship and I always looked forward to our classes. Anyone working with Amy would be lucky to have her! "
-Diana, Advertising, Brooklyn, NY