The Studio in Oberlin, OH

Amy has a bright and welcoming in-home Pilates studio next to Tappan Square in Oberlin, OH. The studio is equipped with a reformer and tower unit along with an assortment of other useful props designed to enhance your Pilates practice.

About Amy

Amy began practicing Pilates while studying dance at the University of Wisconsin–Stevens Point. Through Pilates she found she was able to heal and prevent injuries. She also found that even after years of dance, Pilates helped her understand her body in new ways. 

Later, in New York City, Amy completed her Comprehensive Pilates Certification under the mentorship of Lesley Powell. She has been teaching Pilates for seven years and has worked with clients of all ages and movement backgrounds. She has experience tailoring her sessions to a range of injury histories including osteoporosis, herniated discs, and scoliosis. She has also worked with professional dancers and athletes, as well as pre- and post-natal women.  

In her sessions, Amy brings an eye for specificity, helping her clients gain a deeper understanding of their habitual movement patterns. Her classes are geared toward a full-body workout with a focus on proper alignment and bio-mechanics. She strives to help her clients feel centered, rejuvenated and free of pain. Her goal is always to help you feel better in your own body.


  • Comprehensive Pilates Certification (500 hours) through Balanced Body (with Lesley Powell)
  • BA in Dance from University of Wisconsin-Stevens Point


  • Separate But Connected: Training Selective Control of the Hips, Pelvis, and Low Back (with Movement Science Made Simple - Jeremy Laverdure & Cara Reeser)
  • Pilates through Pregnancy (with Deb Goodman)
  • Look, Listen, Push, Pull: Training Freedom and Support in the Head, Neck and Shoulders (with Movement Science Made Simple - Jeremy Laverdure & Cara Reeser)
  • Wonky Bodies: workshop on hyper mobility (with Rebekah Rotstein)
  • SI Joint workshop (with Kuan Hui Chew)
  • Prenatal Teacher Training (with Kate Artibee)
  • Anatomy in 3D (with Dr. Errol Toran)
  • Gait Workshop (with Lesley Powell)
  • Orbit Workshop (with Lesley Powell)
  • Trained with Irene Dowd